Maintree – Family Office Management is a Multi-Family Office that was born out of the growing need of Portuguese and foreign families for wealth management. With integrated counselling, Maintree – Family Office Management provides independent and professional support with access – either directly with us or through our outsourcers – to the top experts in the following areas:

  • Tax consulting
  • Real estate consulting
  • Asset protection
  • Protocol, Governance and Family Succession Planning
  • Classic Car Multi-Office
  • Art
  • Travel/tourism consulting
  • Concierge services

With Maintree – Family Office Management, Portuguese and foreign customers enjoy an integrated service platform covering all of their organisational/administrative needs in the above areas, through personalised assistance and regular and proactive research and analysis of customer needs. These services are conducted with complete confidentiality and professionalism.

We have established a number of partnerships with nationally and internationally renowned bodies, such us, foreign family offices, allowing us to offer a great variety of integrated services and opportunities in wide range of fields and regions in an increasingly globalised and connected world.

In addition, we offer support and counselling to families and clients in the implementation of family governance models and early-stage preparation for intergenerational transfer, with the aim of best preserving wealth for future generations. We organise family seminars and private meetings with participation of counselling specialists in the field.

We have facilities offering complete confidentiality and ideal conditions for serving the families and clients in a professional while elegant environment designed to make them feel at home.
We have a team with years of experience in counselling and support of highly affluent Portuguese and international customers, operating according to the highest standards of quality and excellence in customer service.

With Maintree – Family Office Management, our customers can rely on a team of dedicated and highly experienced in-house experts, and external partners that are always ready to meet all of their needs, thus enjoying better opportunities and increasing efficiency in family wealth management.